About me

Hello, hello!

You've made it to the  
'about me' section, excellent. 

Or perhaps not so excellent, because I'm typically pretty awful at written introductions, but let's give it a go. 

I'm a twenty-five year old Liberal Arts post-grad from the South West with a huge interest in all things bookish. 

I'm a Social Media Strategist by day and editorial Ninja and book blogger by night. 

I've been a freelance proof-reader for around five years now and always on the look out for more opportunities to get involved with bookish things of all sorts. 

I'm slightly obsessed with sloths, pugs and cat videos, love a good cup of tea and probably tweet too much. 

As you may have guessed, I'm pretty big on my YA and quirky children's books; love a good picture book, too.  

Apart from that, I'm your average, red-haired book fanatic who can't sit still for too long. If you'd like me to review your book, please refer to my review policy. 

If you're a publisher, please contact me directly via email.

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Lets chat books sometime!