Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Collaboration with Jakleen Oltremari (Cue excitement!)

So it has finally been confirmed that I'll be collaborating with the incredibly talented Jakleen Oltremari this month. (for anyone wondering, Jakleen is an aspiring author from Guam, a little island in the pacific ocean.) 

Yep, so that's happening.

So after feeling almost drunk with excitement for the past couple of days, we've finally managed to work out a few of the character backgrounds.
Can't say much about the idea yet, but we'll keep you updated once we've outlined the story a little further! 

But fear not, we have a little teaser at the ready and we're eager to share with you guys! ( remember, it's still very early on, so this is really just a non edited draft!)

More exciting updates to come!


She said, “I’m not good enough for you,”

Well maybe that was true in some alternate universe where the sky was green and the grass was blue and cars had wings instead of wheels. 

The very desperate truth was it was me who wasn’t good enough for her. The man who would give his whole world, but she didn’t want any part of it.

From a distance, they looked like a normal, happy couple, but I knew better than that and even she couldn't deny that. 
I envied, almost hated him, knowing he was part of the reason this could never be, him as in, the gangly guy with the curly blond hair, a face full of smug, arrogant bastard, or otherwise known as my best friend, the guy who I'd spend the better part of my childhood with, who'd helped me rescue my cat out of a tree, taught me how swim and helped me overcome my fear of monsters. Well, lucky me.  

But now, he had the one thing I had no hope in ever obtaining, her heart. 
But did he even care? The answer to that made my stomach churn and almost blinded me with an uncontrollable fury that left my bones numb. 
“Maybe you should move on. Get some distance.” She said with the hopes I'd suddenly stop caring for her.

“I wish I could.” 
''I wish you could, too,'' she said quietly, sipping on her skinny latte, while trying to avoid my eyes as they searched for hers. 

“I think there will come a day when you’ll stop wanting me to want you and start craving the affections of those who crave yours.” 

I looked at her red cheeks, her puffy, dark brown eyes, wishing that she was right, while the rational part of my brain told me that that would never be the case. 

Overwhelmed by the truth of my own thoughts, I barely managed a nod, it didn't matter what I said because I knew the answer was written all over my face.