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RE: Review by Sandra Pierce

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CaitI entirely disagree with the review, I thought Margie and Kami Garcia did a brilliant job, and even though I respect her opinion, I think it is still a little unfair and disrespectful to be, may I say, as blunt as that.
If a book's not your thing, fair enough, you're free to write as many honest reviews as you'd like, go nuts, but you may want to consider being a little more tactful. (and preferable work on your linguistic skills, but that's a different matter entirely) you can be honest and express your views in a constructive and concise manner, there's no need to flat out rude, but I guess that might just be me.
I just always thinks it's unfair on the people who've put so much effort and love into something that it's worth to take a step back and consider what you're about to do. (Sure, yer can't please everyone, but c'mon)

I agree with the review in terms of the plot being a little familiar, protagonist dreaming about a someone and then upon finding out they're actually a real person, they fall 'helplessly' in love-yadayadayada,
but isn't that the same with most book plots?
You will always  find similarities, with any book you pick up,  but the story itself will always be different in itself. (or at least, I should hope so!)

But I don't want to sound like one of those die hard fans that throw all reasoning to the wind just because they enjoyed of a certain series.
I like to think that even though I truly enjoyed the series, I can still see the novel's weaknesses, but for me it doesn't matter so much, because I can appreciate the efforts that went into the making and outlining, the  weeks and weeks of creativity that went into it, besides, for me, it adds to the charm of the book and it would be sorta creepy if it wasn't, no one's perfect right?
 I still think the character back stories are well drawn out and thought of. They're not too vague or overly complicated.

I thought it was refreshing that it was written from a guys perspective. Especially a guy like Ethan.
Ethan is not perfect and not the stereotypical 'drop dead gorgeous' guy from next door with a six pack. He's just human, with  real flaws and a backpack full of troubles. Who's dream it is to travel the world and make the most out of his life. With quite a  few  enjoyable subliminal messages within the first few chapters.

For me it was also not just your every day, paranormal romance novel, it was also a story about families and how far we go to protect the ones we love, what we'll do to keep them safe and through what length we'll go to assure it stay that way.

About loyalties and friendship, real, tight friendship.
Which is a rare thing to find these days.
And most of all it's about making right and wrong decision and how easy it can be to lose yourself in the midst of self doubt, about a mothers love, and how their'll always be a part of us,
and of course about love, a love that knows know bounds, and even though, in some parts unrealistic, it touched me and I was completely sold on it. Not like in one of those cheesy romance novels, where you get flushed and swoon, but all it's really worth for are a few feel good moments and that's it, but one that makes you think even after you've turned the last page.

It was refreshing that even though it was supposed to be paranormal romance, it wasn't too full on, ALL PARANORMAL IN YOUR FACE and all.
The sub plot with Ethan's mother was exceptionally well drawn and out and had me weeping a couple of time, I felt for his dad, too and for Amma especially after everything she's been through with the Wate's.

And I do agree the pacing was a little slow at times, but I thought it was nice that way.
No over the top teen angst with new adventures and monsters waiting around the corner, sometimes you'd just be part of an average day, with average real life issues. In any case, to me it just made the book more realistic.
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Chelsea RobertsWell said, Cait. You explained it perfectly..