Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sylvain v Carter on my mind (again)

I still find myself getting irritated every time I come across another reader (typically female which just makes matters worse for me) who finds ways to excuse Sylvain's behaviour (A snobby, self assured character from the Night school trilogy)

Throwing things around like "Yeah, but.. but Sylvain saved Allies life twice.. Carter didn't.

Or straight out comparing the two and their actions.. ''Carter was so angry when he broke up, he nearly hit her...''

Right, let me stop you right there. Has it really come to this? Comparing an angry outburst of emotions to practically raping a girl?

Justifying Sylvains actions just because Carter had a enough with Allie's nonsense?

Reading through those comments made me incredibly sad, but at the same time, filled me with the most violent rage.

I of course, in no way, excuse Carters behaviour, but let's look at it this way, he's quite in love with the girl, they've been through a ton of stuff and she was the one girl that he actually thought was right for him.

Let's all remember the conversation between the near the end of 'Night School'
right before their first kiss? 

Plus, Carter is a troubled kid, he's been dealt quite a 'shabby' hand,  
Of course he's going to be angry. I don't blame him at all for feeling frustrated after everything that happened. 
I would be! But you can't really compare the two, what Sylvain did is and was unforgivable, an angry outburst can hardly be compared to almost raping a girl.