Thursday, 15 August 2013

Howdy ho there, fellow Readers,

It is now officially August, and we're-

Alright fine...  we know it's been August for a few weeks now, and we are ever so sorry for the long absence, but things have been a little crazy lately! (No excuses, we know, we know.)

But we were hoping you'd forgive us!

Regardless of our tardiness,

Who's excited about the nearing end of Summer, falling leaves and heading back to the grindstone?


Yep,  we're not particularly crazy about it either, but as Summer fades to Fall, it's not all doom and gloom her at AN because we've got some more exciting stuff coming up this month!

Artistic Nonsense daily will be a hosting an Interview with Author of Aurora: Secrets behind reality
Marina Latcko in a couple of weeks after she returns from her trip to Spain.

 Now isn't that something?

 (You may also follow her on Twitter here if you like!)

To sum up the story briefly, the book follows average sixteen year old teenage girl  Nicky and her best friend through their every day high school lives. Until the day said best friend asks her to spy on her newest crush, Mark, who unsurprisingly seems to be a real hit with the Ladies.

Suddenly however, Nicky's world tumbles out of control as she begins to find out more odd things about herself and her Family. Things that shouldn't be real.

Things that can't be real.

As the story continues more and more dark things happen which will leave you breathless until the last page.

As we were fortunate enough to be gifted the Book through the Author, (Thanks again, Marina!) I  can safely say, reading Aurora was a true Roller coaster of emotions and we're pretty glad we got the chance to read it.  The newest, revised version is now available on Amazon for the unbeatable price of 77p!

Anyhow, before we get too wound up in talking about the book, let's get back to the Interview.
Exact dates are still to be confirmed but, we'll let you know a couple of days ahead before its being posted.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and we'll see you in a short while, (honest!)

Stay safe and happy reading!