Friday, 16 August 2013

Recommendation of the Week - One Night With You by Sophie Jordan


                             One Night with you  

         A story with  heartfelt passion, drama and sweet fantasies. 
Main characters: Lady Jane Guthrie/ Seth Rutledge.

Published in December 2007 by Avon.

Genre: Historical Romance, British Literature

ISBN: 0061339261 

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So a couple of days ago while scrolling through my updates on Goodreads, I noticed how a couple of friends had liked a review for this particular book. While I was unfamiliar with the name of the Author, Sophie Jordan, I clicked on it and browsed through her profile. When I went back to check out the book the review was for I instantly faced with an impressive amount swooning readers and high ratings. Nice! 

So I got out my Kindle and got myself a copy, brewed a nice cuppa and got started, despite my initial scepticism. 

The first few chapter were a little slow, but intriguing enough to keep me going and boy am I glad I did!

Sophie Jordan's exquisite arrangements of words would fill anyones heart with a passion.  A story with so much detail, quick witted humour and heartfelt drama you cant help but fall for these characters. 

Make no mistake in thinking this book is just your average 'pervy' romance, just because of its title.  

It is a story filled with the most drenching kinds of heartbreak as it follows Lady Lane Guthrie who's been in love with her childhood companion Seth Rutledge.

Devastatingly enough she has to watch her first love fall in love with her power hungry Sister Madeline, her family however refuses his marriage proposal and Madeline ends up breaking the young boys heart. Rutledge promises he'd never lose control over his emotions again as loving someone only carries heartbreak and misfortune and so leaves the sisters without another word. 

Years later, she finds herself trapped in a doomed marriage, while her husband fills his free time with bedding half the towns female population. Until his sudden death shakes her live up and she has to make do with her spiteful, corrupt in Laws. 

May I add, he dies while having sex with one of her own ladies Maids... If that's not Karma, I don't know what is. He certainly was a classy one. 

After a year of mourning... (mourning..c'mon.) Lady Guthrie has still not been allowed to re-enter society by her late husbands family, shoved away in a small room, while only allowed to wear heavy black gowns...

But there's only so much a Woman can take and so she plans to finally enjoy herself again, having put everyones needs in front of hers for long enough, Jane ventures out to a fancy masquerade ball, her golden dress contrasting infectiously with her chestnut-like hair. 

After being sexually harassed by her brother in-law however, she flees and finds herself once again trapped, with no way of escaping greasy fingered Desmond, but as fate wants it, she runs into no one other than Seth Rutledge, her former childhood best friend.  At the sight of him the never forgotten ache in her heart springs to life with full force. She can hardly believe her eyes as they wander over his matured, broad body.  The mask does its job well and he doesn't recognise her, but instantly feels drawn to her as if by magical force. Her sweet apple-y fragrance toys with his head and he can't help, but want her. 

Of course Desmond discovers Jane's hiding spot, just when the pair lock lips, but is in no way dismayed by the events in front of him, still keen to claim Jane's body. 

He finally retreats after a couple of stern words from Rutledge and storms back out.  While unwilling to give away her identity, Seth establishes a new identity for his lady in the golden dress, and so 'Aurora' is born.

(Dang, I believe I shot myself in the foot here by getting so carried away with the length of the review  I promise you, it won't go on for much longer!) 

In the end, Jane manages to flee from his arms and returns back to her home, but decides to seek out Seth one more time, once again disguised as her alter ego Aurora. 

The couple engages engages in passionate lovemaking at their next meeting.... all while seth still doesn't know her true identity.. Shortly after their encounter Jane finds herself with child... knowing Seth is the Father.. chaos ensues.. 

And I'll leave it at that, you'll have to find out the rest for yourself! ;) But trust me when I say, it really is worth it! 

The double identity side of the story is a fun addition to the otherwise, glum and slightly depressing rest of the story and I really enjoyed Jane's character portrayal. 

The way Jordan builds up the story comes across as very believable with no unnecessary sappy moments which makes it so easy to form a bond with Jane and to really connect with her and all her personal troubles. 

I actually found myself gasping out loud on several occasions and could barely put it down. 

Sophie Jordan has truly outdone herself with this one. I have yet to find the right words to express my feelings accurately and can not express how much her story has touched my heart. 


One night with you
Reviewed by Artistic Nonsense dailyon Aug 16 2013
Rating: 4