Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Top Ten for Artistic Nonsense

So, Today we've got the honour to present Anna's Top Ten favourites from 
her recently published eBook 'The Art of Letting Go' 
So sit back and enjoy!

This is going to be my favourite post to write…and that’s because I am going to reveal my top ten favourite bits in The Art of Letting Go. My ten favourite sections to read but also my favourite bits to write.

  1. The Fresher’s Ball – For me the Fresher’s Ball is where the story kicks off in earnest. I love the fact that Lilah looks stunning in my imagination but has no idea herself. The bit when Ben jumps off the stage to chase her is my go-to for warm fuzzy feelings. That’s got to be every girls dream to have a guy jump off a stage for her. 
  2. Lilah walking across campus in puddles of drool – I love the visual image of Lilah walking in puddles of drool. Have you ever tried to walk anywhere and stare at a hot guy at the same time? It is a very important life skill to learn and can take years to perfect!
  3. The library from hell – The idea of Lilah hiding behind a shelf of books and crawling across the library floor with dead legs really tickles me. Especially the bit where she has to do the ‘pins and needles’ dance in font of Ben. I laughed a lot at my laptop when I wrote this scene. I could completely visualise hoping from leg to leg with my face burning bright red with embarrassment.
  4. The night from which there is no return…and the morning after. Obviously Lilah and Ben’s first sexy shmexy night is on my list. I am quite proud of the fact that I let Lilah be a (very) flawed character and she is challenged by her morals. To walk away from someone who you are engaged to but not in love with and then bravely walk through the bedroom door of the person who you do want to be with and leave all the judgment and worry at the door is a brave thing to do. The next morning when she is staring at him but also trying to hide herself under the duvet I completely get. It’s hard to be brave in the cold light of day when you are not being fuelled by vodka shots. The sexy sleepy Ben with the satisfied smirk is my favourite image of Ben.
  5. Christmas Day –“Delilah Smith wants me to put my hand up this turkey’s arse, she must be on drugs.” This is one of my favourite lines in the whole book. Even now I read it and giggle. Christmas Day is also one of my favourite scenes for lots of Ben reasons but most especially for their conversations whispered in the dark later that night.
  6. Valentine’s Day – The Valentine’s Day from Hell…. I think that just about cover it!
  7. All of March! Ben and Lilah time…here we go!
  8. Easter – For me this is the game changer in the story line… Lilah finally starts to grasp what Ben feels for her and at the same time realises what it is that  she has to do.
  9. The last date – I loved writing the scene at Trafalgar and coming up with the story of Ben’s Gran.  
  10. The Leavers ball – Ah….cut out my heart and jump on it until it’s pummelled. I get a bit emotional reading this. Ben on stage is always a favourite with me, Ben surprisingly Lilah with his song choice…well that’s just a knicker explosion waiting to happen.

So there you go all my favourite bits of The Uni Files…I would  love to know what yours are.


All thanks go to the lovely Anna for sharing these with us! Really enjoyed reliving those moments, so hopefully you did, too! 
All the best from us and Happy Reading! 
See you again soon, chums! 
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