Monday, 2 December 2013

Cover reveal: The Art of Forgiving by ANNA BLOOM

 The Art of Forgiving  
                                        (A Uni Files Short – Christmas scene) Written by Anna Bloom
      Genre: New Adult/Romance 
    Release date: 11/12/13 (How cool is that, eh?) 

''Benjamin Chambers found the girl, won the girl, and then lost the girl all in two months. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t that girl. The one that had already got away once.
Left to his own devices, wallowing in self-pity, drinking whiskey and killing ballads on his guitar Ben is looking forward to the worst Christmas in history. That is until an unexpected offer of help arrives.
Given the best Christmas gift he could ever wish for, the chance to spend one more day with the girl that got away. Ben knows he just has one day to convince Lilah that they are meant to be together, before he has to make some big decisions about his own future. Just one day to set right the mistakes that he has made, but will it be enough?
Ben may end up finding out that The Art of Forgiving isn’t something you can teach, it is something that you have to earn.''
Sounds good, right? Well, we thought so, too! 

Be sure to get your copy bright and early next week's wednesday! You can thank us later! ;) 

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About the Author: 

Anna Bloom is a contemporary romance writer who writes about life as it happens. Combining a busy schedule of looking after two small children whilst working in a local school and completing The Uni Files series she also spends a lot of time imagining kissing hot guys – all in the name of her art.

You can find her here

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