Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sneaky teaser for upcoming new adult romance 'LOCKED' by EVA MORGAN - ENJOY!

Hello, Hello, Hello,

We're back and it is time for another round of  'SATURDAYS-BEST'  

So for this weeks round, we've got an exciting teaser to share and we hope you'll enjoy it just as much as we did. As mentioned in the title, today's special teaser is from the upcoming modern-day Sherlock Holmes retelling 'Locked' written by american YA/NA romance author Eva Morgan. (Author of Torrential!) 

The finished ebook will be available for your reading pleasure on the 10th of February 2014, (2 DAYS!!) so you better make sure your e-reader is fully charged! 


''Eighteen-year-old Irene Adler hasn’t cared much for living since her sister died. 

Until Sherlock Holmes moves in next door.

Sherlock is a conceited, sharp-cheekboned nightmare—and Irene’s first real friend in ages. Within a day, he’s partnered with her to solve their school's mysteries. Within a week, he’s saved her life in more ways than one. 

Within a month, the whole school thinks he's a murderer.

When Sherlock is found alone with a dead girl, he and Irene must crack the case under a hailstorm of hate—before the killer comes after the genius who gave Irene her life back.''

And now, without further ado, here's the final teaser

“Fine. Penalty shot for Ashley’s team.”

“I’ll take it. I made the last shot,” says Sherlock. Nobody protests. I guess it’s hard to protest when he states everything like it’s already been decided. Ashley beams as she passes the ball to him. He takes his position in the middle of the gym floor, back straight, like he’s the star athlete of the world instead of a genius who’s probably never touched a basketball before in his life.

And then he keeps going.

When he reaches me, I have just enough time to say, “No, you’re supposed to take it from over there,” before he covers my mouth with his.

Sherlock Holmes is kissing me.

I think: Gym class? Really?

I think: What the hell do I do with my tongue?

I think: Oh.

So that’s what a kiss is like.

Oh. Oh—

The whistle shrieks into the middle of everything. My head is a building imploding. I can feel them—his lips. Warm. Human. Alive. Shocking the ghost right out of me.

And then they’re gone.

“PDA, Holmes!” Mr. Dalton is roaring. “Office! Now!”

Sherlock is staring at me and for a split second, there’s a tiny bit of surprise on his face—as if he hadn’t been the one to walk over and kiss me out of nowhere. Not the shot he was supposed to take. 


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Hope you've enjoyed this post. See you next week!

Thanks again to Eva for providing this Teaser.