Friday, 11 July 2014

What bugs you about books? #Fridayrant with Emily

All bookworms have pet peeves when it comes to books. Wether you're watching other people with their books and wanting to scream, take the book away and write them a book on "how to read and handle books your way (the right way)",  or wether you want to write big, long, angry letters to publisher about the books they have published. 

Please don't start reading your book by cracking the spine and bending the book about. 


Seriously, I can't deal with my need to run dramatically over and rescue the book from your uncaring hands everytime I'm on the bus. 

Please don't ask to borrow my books if you don't have any intention of starting it in the next few weeks! My books are my children and I don't like parting with them. 

. Don't go to the cinema and watch a film, realise it's was a book first, read that book then name yourself Queen/King bookworm. Don't get me wrong I encourage people to read whatever the reason but bookworm is a whole other level than "I read twilight and hunger games after seeing the film"!

#Fridayrant with Emily 

 I don't know if anyone else gets this, but me and my sister regularly rant about it, WHY CANT ALL MY BOOKS BE THE SAME SIZE! Ugh, there should be like a universal book size that every book should be, then my bookcase can be neat and my series don't look odd with the last book taller than the first!

 Please don't change the covers mid series! Too many times I've loved the cover of a book only to find the second book is completely different! Or I'll buy the series then there a special edition covers series that's way nicer! I can't be affording to buy the series again:(

Movie covers. I despise movie covers on my books. I hate them. I want a book cover on my book. If I wanted to see the film then I would've bought the film.

Childish covers or weird covers! Covers that make me want to hide my book in shame. I don't want to look like I'm reading a book made for 6 year olds nor do I want to look like I'm reading erotica! (If I was id use my kindle jeesh! Aha!)

With so much wonderful technology around today and yet, I still can't have a waterproof book?! Something's not right here. I asked my sister what bugs her about books and the first thing she said was 'I hate it when I drop it in the bath'. Waterproof paper for books should be a priority, quick, 
someone tell the inventors!

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Emily @bookw0rmtales