Sunday, 16 November 2014

Booktalk: Review of Isla and the happily ever after by S. Perkins.

Published August 14th 2014 by Dutton
We rate it: 4.5 stars out of 5

It comes to no surprise that Stephanie once again managed to knock our fluffy socks off. I mean, we all expected it, didn't we?! I most certainly did. 

I know Steph has had a bunch of worries about writing Isla, seeing as it is the last and final book in the series and, naturally, those are always the toughest ones to complete, but I knew from the start that she'd have nothing to worry about. I was 100% sure she'd ace it, and, well, here we are. 

I think out of the 3, Isla was the book with the most ups and downs and overall had the most emotionally consuming plot. Josh & Isla's story really tugged at my heartstrings and I found it most difficult to detach myself from the heartbreak. 

Isla and the happily ever after is one of those stories that act as some sort of mad teleportation device. Before you know it, you're tumbling right back into your own teenager years where everything seems twice as important, twice as crazy and twice as crushing. You get to relive the first flutter of romance and the painful sting of your very first heartbreak. Those days where you thought the world was about to implode and swallow you whole.  ...I'm sure we all remember what that was like. 
Isla will suck you in and take you on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions, so you better buckle up. Also, I recommend stocking up on ice cream and tissues, but that is completely your call. 


What I love about Steph's writing is her ability to create such powerful scenarios, she knows exactly how to capture the voice of her main character and that is why her stories flow so very naturally. 
Her stories practically ooze with charm and charisma, wit and the right amount of sugar. 
And believe me, there is more than a handful of deliciousness in this one. 
Isla's character  in particular was undeniably relatable and I saw my teenage self in her on more than one occasion. 

As a finishing comment I would just like to say that I absolutely loved the way all three 'worlds' came together for the grand finale. It was so fun to see all the different characters interact with each other one last time.  And oh, how I missed you, mon cherie, St. Clair. 

A truly perfect ending to a perfect series. Hats off to the queen of sugary romance, Stephanie Perkins.