Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Make #timetoread for the NATIONAL READATHON - January 2015

                                                 MAKE #TIMETOREAD 

                                                            24th, Jan 2015

I came across this very noble cause through a friend at work and felt obliged to share it to raise awareness. 

Basically +Penguin Random House is teaming up with the chaps from +Goodreads and +Mashable to encourage more people to take part in next years National #Readathon day which will be happening towards the end of January 2015.  

The task is quick and simple: Make more #timetoread and help change someones life this winter by celebrating the National Readathon. 

All you've got to do is pledge to sit down, brew yourself a nice cuppa and read from 12 to 4PM with other book fans all across the country. Host your own book parties, arrange a trip to your local bookshop and show the world just how important it is to #maketimetoread 

Get started right now and make a change! Create your own fundraising campaign page over at +FirstGiving and invite people to donate. Any small amount can make a difference and change someones life. 
For more details, please check out PRH post by clicking here Thank you.