Monday, 13 April 2015

Booktalk: Vanishing girls by @oliverbooks Lauren Oliver

New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver delivers a gripping story about two sisters inexorably altered by a terrible accident.

So if you've been following previous posts, you know that Vanishing Girls was featured in the March favourites. I was incredibly excited for this to hit the shelves and practically screamed with joy on the morning of the 10th. 

Sadly, only three hours after the Hardback arrived at my house, I was almost kind of ready to send it back. Couldn't believe it and I'm still a little bit in denial, but I guess these things happen. I'm saying this with a really heavy heart because the book wasn't terribly written, nor was the story by any means ludicrous, just couldn't seem to hold my interest for more much than 10 minutes. 

The writing itself, was of course, compelling, well written and just typically Oliver-esque, but unfortunately, whatever it was, every time I sat down with it, nothing really went in. I just felt super frustrated because none of the actual plot made sense to me. I couldn't keep up with the changing narrative, couldn't seem to differentiate between the two girls and really wasn't too keen on the slightly unsettling element of romance. All in all the narration felt jumbled and unfinished. 

I initially thought, 'Heck to the yeah-yah, this book is going to be a sure favourite. Mystery, suspense and Lauren Oliver magic, what could be better?!

Who knew I'd be eating my own words in this review? I honestly don't understand it and I'm truly heartbroken. I'll put it down for now and give it another go in a couple of month and perhaps it'll all be different so I can give it the 5 star review I know it deserves.

For now, I'm just going to have to go with this:

I was dismayed because I don't quite think the plot (and its slight transparency) would hold up all too well under closer examination. The end sort of demands that you forget all the evidence you've been given prior to the big reveal and asks you to blindly accept the ending as it is with no convincing explanation. 

Bam, just don't question it and you'll be fine, otherwise... things don't really add up or make much sense. In all honesty, the reveal was neither surprising nor was it very original in its execution and that really hurts me to say because, as I've said numerous times in this review, I'm a big fan of Lauren's work. 

Please, do still make pick up a copy and see for yourself. It's still a wonderful piece of work and for what its worth, deserves all the attention it can get.